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Seashore Serenity by Rober Luis

Seashore Serenity by Rober Luis

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Embrace the tranquil beauty of the sea with the Rober Luis's Seashore Serenity Gallery Canvas, a masterpiece that brings the serene whispers of the ocean right into your living space. This exquisite piece, crafted with 100% cotton fabric canvas, captures the subtle interplay of light and water, inviting a sense of calm and contemplation.

Each canvas is meticulously wrapped over a poplar wood frame, ensuring the artwork remains as tight and flat as the coastal horizon it depicts. The high-quality image detail allows you to experience every brushstroke and hue as if Rober Luis himself painted it just for you.

This horizontal gallery-wrapped canvas print is more than just a decoration; it's an indoor oasis of peace, reflecting your deep appreciation for art that echoes the rhythms of nature.

Every frame is built with a solid face to support the canvas and prevent deforming. 

.: 100% cotton fabric canvas
.: Poplar wood frame with walnut or black finish
.: High image quality and detail
.: NB! For indoor use only
.: From the Rober Luis Collection (exclusive to Crescent OmniShop)

  18″ x 12″ 24″ x 16″ 36″ x 24″ 48″ x 32″
Canvas width, in 18.00 24.00 36.00 48.00
Canvas height, in 12.00 16.00 24.00 32.00
Canvas depth, in 1.25 1.25 1.25 1.25
Frame width, in 19.25 25.25 37.25 49.25
Frame height, in 13.25 17.25 25.25 33.25
Frame depth, in 1.75 1.75 1.75 1.75

Indulge in the exclusivity of Rober Luis's art with this gallery canvas, a treasure that will continue to inspire and soothe for years to come.

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