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Llamaste Rubber Yoga Mat - Add a Playful Twist to Your Yoga Practice

Llamaste Rubber Yoga Mat - Add a Playful Twist to Your Yoga Practice

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Bring a touch of whimsy and charm to your yoga routine with our "Llamaste" Rubber Yoga Mat. Featuring a delightful design of a cute llama seated in an Anjali Mudra yoga position, with the playful word "Llamaste" printed below, this mat is perfect for yoga enthusiasts who appreciate a fun and lighthearted approach to their practice.

Made with a microfiber suede top and an anti-slip rubber bottom, this yoga mat provides extra stability to help you achieve better balance during any pose. The rubber bottom also absorbs impact, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable yoga session every time. The edge-to-edge print brings the adorable llama design to life, while the lightweight construction makes it easy to carry to and from your classes.

Key Features:

  • One size: 24″ x 68" (61cm x 173 cm)
  • Microfiber suede top for a soft and comfortable feel
  • Anti-slip rubber bottom for extra stability and impact absorption
  • Edge-to-edge print featuring a charming llama design
  • Lightweight for easy transportation

Elevate your yoga experience with our "Llamaste" Rubber Yoga Mat, designed to inspire a sense of fun and lightheartedness in your practice. Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this playful mat will bring a smile to your face as you flow through your poses.

  24” x 68”
Length , in 68.00
Width, in 24.00


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