Discover the Soulful Artistry of 'Rober Luis': An Exclusive Collection

Step into the harmonious world of Rober Luis, where the gentle strum of a guitar string meets the fluid dance of watercolor on canvas.

CrescentOmniShop is proud to present an exclusive collection that celebrates the dual artistry of the Grammy Award®-winning musician and gifted visual artist.

Hailing from the vibrant cultural landscapes of Cuba and now illuminating the city of Los Angeles, Rober Luis weaves his rich musical heritage into each brushstroke.

With his hands (that have shared stages with icons like Interactivo, Real Project, Carlos Varela, Santiago Feliú, Jackson Browne, The String Revolution and many, many more), he brings to life watercolor scenes that sing with nostalgia, whisper inspiration, and offer a haven of relaxation.

This unique collection is a tribute to those who can feel the rhythm of Rober's music and see the melodies in his art. It's for the dreamers, the connoisseurs, the ones who find beauty in the crescendos of life.

From the tactile textures of clothing that drape you in art, to canvases that transform spaces into sanctuaries, and cellphone covers that turn everyday objects into statements of artistic flair – each piece is a passage to the soulful expressions of Rober Luis.

Indulge in the exclusivity of this collection, with each piece echoing the rare blend of melodies and hues that can only be found at CrescentOmniShop. These aren't just products; they are storied pieces that let you own and cherish the high-caliber artistry that would otherwise grace galleries at a premium.

Welcome to the Rober Luis Collection – where art meets melody, and the echoes of a guitar strings resonate in every color.

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